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Anonymous asked: so I'm in my first relationship and I'm a senior, I really do like my boyfriend but he's very clingy and it's been four days and already telling me he's addicted to me and he loves me. it's very overwhelming, I have no one to ask for advice cause everyone likes him and wants us to be together and I'm already a naturally rough sometimes mean person and he's the complete opposite he's sooooo sensitive and attached. I want to be with him but idk how to get past this feeling

Baby, TRUST THAT FEELING! Your situation reminds me of the same stuff I’ve dealt with. He’s already showing signs of being very toxic. His possessiveness and him being so dependent on you isn’t healthy. It isn’t healthy for either of you. Especially since it’s been such a little while since you two have gotten together. Trust me when I tell you, don’t let anyone pressure you into being with anyone. No matter how cool or nice they are, that’s not enough to build a relationship on. You don’t owe anyone ANY of your time and you damn sure don’t owe them a relationship for doing the bare minimum— being nice and respectful! If it feels strange, it probably is. Don’t stay just because you feel pressure from him or other people. If they like him so much they can date him. It’s about what YOU want and how YOU feel. Just be careful. I don’t like the way he sounds at all.  Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: continued: anyways i know some people are bothered by that kind of stuff though i would not usually apologize for it bunny you are someone i respect and love cuz you have helped many of us through so much so you are an exception to apologize to if it annoyed you, THOUGH part of what you try to advice us is not apolagize for what you belive or love :) anways i look forward to your input and advice. *kisses* xoxo ;)

Although I don’t have part 1 of this message I get what you’re saying. I feel like you get a little less frustrated with other people’s mess when you realize you can’t be mad at them for being who they are. You can’t be mad at people for not being who you want them to be. You can’t be mad that people aren’t like you. You can’t control them. You can however control whether or not you want them in your life. You cut them off and keep it moving. When people show you who they are, believe it. Don’t sweep it under the rug, make excuses for them, or think that you’ll somehow change them. In life you have to accept people as they are and also be willing to accept when someone is no good for you. Accept when someone just doesn’t fit into your life. Don’t punish yourself for their actions. Don’t beat yourself up over what other people did. That’s the past. If the past isn’t positively affecting you now then that shit needs to stay in the past. Get up and handle your business! Life goes on. Any changes you want to make with your life start within.  Focus on taking care of yourself and making yourself a better person for you. Like I’ve been saying a lot lately, that affects every area of your life. A better you will not only make your life better, it’ll help you make better choices (in life and with people). You seem like you have a huge heart and I love that. Just be selective with who you let see that.Take your time getting to know people. Let them earn your trust and see whether or not they’re worth your time. What you want for yourself and your life sounds so beautiful and I know you’ll have it! You don’t have anything to apologize for pooh. I get you 100%. Just do some reflecting and put the pieces together so you can move on and determine the right steps for you. Love you too & I wish you nothing but the best! xoxo ❤

Anonymous asked: prt3 continued: people who will help me grow as a person. i want to be amazing, and become a soul who is not only breathtaking it's self but also sees the parts of life that leave the deepest parts of IT breathless,an that's the thing i believe in being strong, i have held myself "together" through so much in the name of being strong, but ppl piss me off. they say they want love, and care, emotions n someone who understands n once its infront of them, they do actions of someone who isindifferent


Anonymous asked: part 2: it actually has started consuming me lately, i can see myself staying in home more almost everyday, un motivated to do much, and to be honest i am SO disguested and upset with the ppl that have come into or through out my life... i don't want my life to stop here there's SO much i already missed out on, but i want people that are worthy of my time, that have the same aspirations, and interests, people who aren't afraid to love, are not judgemental, people who are innocent & cute


Anonymous asked: how can I not be TOO much of a bitch? I got my shit together and I'm doing good in life, but sometimes I'm mean, especially to the people who are closest to me (my bf, who is now my ex ... used to be my mom). I always think of it as I tell it like it is but other people think I talk shit and am mean . obviously I wanta be a boss bitch but I don't want to just be alone on my throne. so how can I stay bossy but keep it in check?

Think before you act and think before you speak. Don’t give unsolicited opinions or advice. Don’t masquerade negative opinions/comments as “advice” either. Ask yourself whether or not the comment you’re about to make will help or harm whoever you’re talking to. Keeping it real means being honest when you are asked to be honest. It doesn’t mean being rude or nasty just because. Uplift those around you. You can be honest without being mean. For example, if someone asks you “Is this outfit ugly?” instead of flat out saying “Hell yeah it’s ugly!! (lol)” you can easily say “I think this one would look better”. You have to be aware of what you’re saying. Check yourself and do it often. Good luck boo xoxo

Anonymous asked: I cut this grl off bc she didnt treat me like a frnd. but she still tags me in pics and texts me rude mssgs(I dnt reply 2 her txts)do I keep ignrng her or do I defend myself.& wht should I do if I ever run in2 her in real life&trys disrespecting me?

Ignore her. Unnecessary drama, especially online drama, is such a waste of time. Don’t give her any of the attention she craves. She’ll get bored and give up sooner or later. Don’t even open her texts. Block her number and block her every social media account you have. If she does try to disrespect you in real life, swiftly put her ass in check and keep it moving. You can’t waste time on petty bitches thrive on non-sense. There’s no reasoning with them. Focus on handling your business. Her bullshit will bite her in her ass one day. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: Hey. Do you think it's wired to not want a boyfriend and reject boys who r into me at the moment, because I feel like I need to work on myself, like I'm in a bad way& recovering and puzzling my life back together, I have things I need to do for myself right now, so I just don't think I can handle a boyfriend while I'm sorting myself out and not in a good way to deal w boys right now. Is that a good decision or am I being stupid and missing out? Xxx

Boys will always be around. Your health, mindset, and relationship with yourself always comes first. When you work on being a better person for yourself it positively affects all areas of your life. You chose better friends, partners, and make better choice in general. It’ll help you live a happier life overall. I’m so glad you’re able to acknowledge that you’re not ready for a relationship and you’re taking some time for self care and healing. You’ll see how much your life will change as you progress on your journey. You’re good girly so don’t worry about it. Focus on you! Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: If your lying in bed with your boyfriend, and you say something like "sorry about my lack of boobs" or "I hate my boobs" or something negative like that about your body (because u actually are insecure about it& u want him to reassure u) Do you think that's petty&down playing yourself? Xx

Yes. You don’t ever have to apologize for existing as you are. If you want your boyfriend to reassure you, comfort you, or show you/tell you that he loves you and your body, tell him! Express your insecurities to him. Tell him that sometimes you need/want validation from him in that area. There’s nothing wrong with that. Be open and honest. It’ll be good for him to know how you feel upfront rather than dropping silly hints that only make you feel worse about yourself. Talk to him about it. And stop putting yourself down! Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: how do i stand up for myself? imma very shy person and know being shy will get u nowhere but im just afraid of getting my ass beat, like my legs become weak and my heart start pumping extremely fast .i hate standing out. idk how to have a backbone,

Read this reply. In regards to fighting, when you’re defending yourself most people’s response to that won’t necessarily be a fight. That’s because they didn’t expect you to speak up in the first place. You can’t sit down and take people’s shit because you’re afraid. Once a weak ass petty bitch sees that you allow them to disrespect you, they’ll keep doing it over and over. That’s what bullies do. You have to defend yourself. All that shy mess has to go out of the window when it comes to speaking up and defending your honor. Don’t let anyone put fear into your heart. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: Thank you thank you thank you! That is all :)

You’re welcome pooh :-)  Stay bossy xoxo❤

Anonymous asked: There's this boy at my school that I've liked since the beginning of the year but he was dating this girl that I'm cool with (we ain't friends, we just cool). After they broke up me and him started talking and she was mad. Was I wrong? Thoughts?

You weren’t/aren’t friends so I don’t see the issue. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: So im 16 and ive never had a bf. but heres the thing: i hook up with random guys a lot. I dont mean to sound conceited - but im aware that im very attractive. Im capable of getting whatever guy i want for one night, but then they never talk to me again and im left feeling used. I just dont know what to do because guys always get with me but dont want to date me and later i find out they like someone else better. It makes me feel so dumb. How do i get a guy to commit/stop picking the wrong ones?

Know what you want from these guys before you hook up. You can do whatever you want but you have to know exactly what you want from who you’re doing it with. Before you hook up with a guy think to yourself. Ask yourself “What do I want from him?”. Let your answer determine what you’ll do. If you want something longer lasting, take your time getting to know these guys before hooking up. Go slow. Go out, talk, get to know each other. From there you’ll find out his intentions and whether or not you even want to be with him. Slow down a bit. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: (Part 2) me awhile to see that because I was blinded by love. We just stopped communicating completely because I left for school & no longer wanted parts of his mess. Now, I find it hard to just let my guards down for someone new because I've always had unanswered questions that haunt me. How should I go about getting those ?s answered (like why he certain things he's done, did it really just become about sex) for my benefit to move on? Or is it just a lost cause? Helppp please!

If you want to be happy and at peace, let all of that go. Who cares why he did what he did? I can understand why you’d want to know but at the end of the day what is that going to do for you? Give you reasons to blame yourself? Thinking about it is a waste of time. Gratefully you’re out of that situation so move forward. You can’t blame other guys for what he did.  Be open to receiving and giving love but be selective. Take your time and get to know these guys. From there you’ll figure out whether or not they’re worth it. Leave that all behind you. Don’t miss out on possibly great opportunities because you’re holding on to the past. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: Hey! I need advice.. (Part 1) Okay, so I was talking to this guy, I (alone) fell in love with, for 3mo (we had classes together & spent just about everyday together after school) but we had a small fight & he went & got a Gf (outta spite) that now he's been with for like 3yrs now, off & on because we were still messing w each other. I never felt that way about any guys after him but recently realized that his emotional feelings for me became just about sex. It took


Anonymous asked: Part 3 and if I was to leave it and ignore him.. how should cut it off? and should I contact her? .. (I have a feeling she might make up a story IF it's not true.. But I'm not sure) SA

You are going through way too much with him to be just messing around. Like girl, isn’t that “friends with benefits” shit supposed to be fun? He’s taking you through more hell than the average boyfriend. Too much drama over nothing valuable. Sending that picture would be ridiculous and make you look even more ridiculous. And “better than her”?? Come on sis. Why are you competing with this girl? Over him? Why are you beefing with this girl over this little boy? He’s not your boyfriend and he’s not worth any of this. To show you where his head is at, he hasn’t once shut her down and told her to stay in her lane. And if she meant anything to him he would have shut you down a long time ago. My point is that he doesn’t give a fuck about either of you and is just sitting back watching you two fight over nothing. He knows he can have you both whenever he wants so it’s whatever. At this point you can either play your position knowing all of this, or cut this loser and his crazy ex off and do better for yourself. You are gaining nothing in this situation. Literally nothing. You’re above this bullshit. Walk away with your head held high knowing that you are worth more and deserve more. I don’t mean to be harsh or sound like I’m dragging you boo but this is too much drama over not a got damn thing. Or at least not anything fighting for. Whatever he has you can find 2000000x better, anywhere, minus the petty foolery. Good luck xoxo