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Anonymous asked: Any advice on meeting my boyfriends mum and sisters for the first time? I'm nervous haha :|

Be yourself and be respectful. That’s really all you can do. Never put on or pretend for anyone, including your boyfriend’s family. When you’re being yourself you’ll be more at ease because you won’t have to keep up with a facade. I feel like you can’t go wrong as long as you relax and show some respect. Things will go great! Don’t think too much about it. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: Hi i dont have the best style nor Prettiest face and i was wondering where the best place to get clothes and stuff for my face because all i want is to be popular

Stop worrying about being popular and focus more on loving yourself. Read this post. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: Hii Bunny, i'm a freshman in college & have zero friends, my class mates tend to stay away from me, i had some difficulties socially in highschool but i don't wanna dig up the past, i don't wanna blame myself for how others feel about me i have enough to deal with as it is but any word of advice, i'm the type of girl other girls usually think is the last person they wanna befriend even the ones who don't have friends any advice

Hey dolly! You’re definitely not to blame but at a certain point you do have to look within yourself and see what positive changes you need to make. Not so that others will like you but so that you can fully feel comfortable/confident with yourself. Doing things the same way over and over and expecting different results just doesn’t work. You’re in a new chapter of your life and it’s time to change it for the better. Work on being confident and being sure of yourself. The goal is to love yourself and fearlessly be yourself. To be able to maintain your confidence regardless of what other people say/think. To be able to even be confident in the first place without looking for others to validate you. That all starts within. When you become confident, your shyness or “awkwardness” slips away because you no longer worry about other people’s opinions. It’s important that you do this for yourself and only yourself. When you love yourself first everything else falls into place. Check out this post and the link attached to it. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: I know you guys must get this a lot but I have to say, your blog has helped me soooo much!! Thanks so much for answering our questions and helping to boost our confidence. I appreciate it sooo much! thanks again :))

Thank you for the love baby boo! Yall know I got you lol I’m so glad I can help & I hope you continue the great work ❤❤ xoxo

Anonymous asked: hey boss bitch!! I've met someone i really like but i'm worried that people will bring up rumours & stories from the past and put them off... I don't know whether to bring it up first or just leave it. but what should I do if they do ask? I just want to get on with my life :(

Hey! :) I think there’s no reason to bring it up so early.  If they ask you about it then be honest and own it. If they’re still interested that’s great but if not that’s fine too because you’ll know they’re not the one for you. That’s the past and you’ve moved on from that. You’ve grown and you’ve learned from it so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: So, im in highschool. I'm a nice girl and I don't walk around with a shitty look on my face yet girls always stare at me or mad dog me it's so annoying. My friends tell me it's because I'm pretty and I mean my family tells me too, but idk it happens too much! They just stare or mad dog or give me a jealous look, and some rumors have spread by girls that don't even know me. Why do you think this happens and what can I do to feel better about it

Don’t worry about it. It could be because you’re pretty but their reasoning really doesn’t matter.  If they don’t say anything directly to you, it doesn’t mean shit. My motto is “what people think about me is none of my business” and I just don’t give a fuck about it. The only time you need to react is if someone says something to you. Plus they’re strangers. Even more of a reason to not care about it. Don’t let anyone intimidate you and put fear in your heart. Walk with your head held high and keep it moving. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: Hi so I just recently came about your blog and I love it and agree with everything you say. And even befor this I was working on building up my confidence. So here is the problem. I am confident in myself and im learning to love my self. I love being different and standing out from the crowd. I do my own things like art and work... but I always seem to get nervous when people as me questions because I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing. And I am truley afraid of being judged. How do I deal?

Stop being afraid of that others think. Their opinions don’t mean shit. At the end of the day all you can do is be you. They can either hate it or love it. Either way it shouldn’t bother you. Being confident and loving yourself requires doing those things boldly without apologizing for it. You should never be ashamed of any parts of who you are. Like Tip #2097 says, “Being confident is knowing you never have to downplay or exaggerate any parts of yourself.” People are going to to judge you no matter how you act or what you do. So you might as well be yourself and do whatever the fuck you want to do. Don’t let anything or anyone, especially fear of other people’s opinions, stop you from being your authentic self. A boss bitch loves every aspect of who she is and owns it. Nobody can shame you for what you embrace. Best wishes bae xoxo

Anonymous asked: Hi beautiful! I am one of those girls who is constantly seeking validation and attention from men! And if i feel like a guy isnt giving me attention my confidence is shattered! Any advice on how to focus on me and my confidence and life before getting involved with guys? how can i not seek there approval and be my own person!? XO

You grow out of that when you realize you don’t need men or anyone to “love” you in order for you to love yourself. You don’t need their permission or stamp of approval. You can’t depend on anyone, especially men, to validate who you are. Like I’ve mentioned before when you look for others to validate you, in your own eyes you’ll always be worthless. You can’t thrive on other people’s words and attention. You don’t gain the power and peace that comes from loving yourself from other people. That comes from you. You don’t need someone to crown you in order for you to be a queen. You have the power to completely run shit on your own and that’s something you need to realize. When you give someone the power to make you they’ll have the same power to break you. You’ll find that you’re left feeling broken most of the time anyway. But when you know your confidence and your worth comes from you, NO ONE can take that away. No one can belittle you or make you feel worthless because you know you are priceless. You don’t give a fuck about what anyone says or thinks because you know who you are and you love who you are. Some crusty boy calling you beautiful doesn’t give you all that. You gain that when you know your confidence is in your control. Check out these posts (1 *instead of material things, think men*, 2). Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: I recently slept with a guy and now he's become distant. He used to text me all the time and now he isn't nearly as talkative. I'm worried that's all he wanted. We were hanging out and going on dates for over a month before we had sex, and now that we've done it I feel like "the chase" is over. But when we're together in public he's all PDA holding my hand and what not and even in front of his friends, and I don't think a guy would be like that with a girl who's just a hookup. I'm confused.

Talk with him. You never know unless you get the facts. He’s sending mixed signals so trying to read him is useless. Let him know how you’re feeling. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: so ive met someone new and so far so good. but some of the things my ex done have made me paranoid, im not used to being treated properly. whenever my back was turned my ex would cheat. obviously, as soon as i found out he was gone but now it makes me insecure about this guy. i want to forget i was ever hurt and not be insecure about things but i dont know how to. i dont want this to get messed up because of someone from the past. please help! x

You need to make peace with the past so you can move on. Thinking about what your ex did then will only make things worse for you now. You’ve cut his ass off and he’s no longer apart of your life. Why give him the power to still control your happiness? Take what you’ve learned from that experience and apply it to your life now. The guy you’re with isn’t your ex and in the end you have to trust that he will do right by you. A relationship isn’t shit if there’s no trust. I don’t blame you for feeling the way you feel but it’s time to take steps towards moving past all of that. That was then and this is now. You have to work on yourself and give yourself time to heal. Also check out this post too. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: Theres this girl that i got really close with this year, and we were starting to become best friends. I told her about my insecurities and considered her to be one of the most trustworthy people in my life. But yesterday i hung put with this girl who also knows her, and found out that she talks about me behind my back and brings up personal thi gs ive said to her. She hasnt said anything AWFUL ablut me, but enough that i feel weird about her now. I just feel very alone and like i cant trust ppl

You don’t have to completely distrust people. In the end you only hurt yourself by doing that. But you do have to be selective about who you choose to trust. It’s so important that you don’t go around telling bitches your business. People need to earn your complete trust first. You have to get to know someone on a very personal level before you even think about talking about personal things with them. Watch how they are with others and how they treat their “friends”. Watch their behaviors and their traits. From then on you will know whether or not they’re trustworthy. I’ve had “friends” where I’d only discuss business that we had in common like disliking someone be both know, liking a guy we both know, etc. It didn’t go beyond that. They didn’t know anything about my personal life and that’s exactly how I wanted to be because I knew their friendship was temporary. That’s why it’s also important to know how to tell the difference between people who are fun to hang out with and genuine friends. You’re not alone! You just have to be very mindful of the people you keep around you. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: 2- me one minute & then next thing you know he's calling my phone telling me how stupid I am first something I've posted on facebook or instagram. Or how I need better friends. or how I need to focus on school and not go to parties, and be good. He says he doesn't cuff... it's irritating because I feel like hes sending mixed signals. Does he care about me or not? Should I leave him alone? Give him space for a lil while? He's so confusing... or maybe he's just confused.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t play games. Don’t waste your life or your time playing games with little boys who don’t know what they want. He can’t treat you like shit one minute and then counsel you on making the “right” choices the next. I feel like you’re investing your feelings into a “relationship” that’s going nowhere. Like I always tell you guys, that “now I want you, now I don’t” shit is old and it’s corny as hell. You don’t have to take that shit from anyone. I don’t blame you for what he does because he’s in control of himself. However you have willingly been accepting this behavior from him for a long time. You have the power to walk away from any person or situation that isn’t serving you or affecting you in a positive way. You don’t have control over what other people do but you do have control over whether or not you accept it. When someone loves you or has genuine feelings for you, you don’t have to guess where their heart is. Best wishes xoxo

Anonymous asked: 1- OK so me and this guy have never really had a serious relationship. we've been "talking" for awhile now. kind of like friends with benefits. He's like the popular guy, he gets all the girls. Player type. I have really strong feelings for him & I've been talking to other people, even had sex with someone else to get him off my mind. It doesn't work. I think my feelings are stronger because I got pregnant by him but we didnt keep the baby (huge mistake). He acts like he doesn't care about


Anonymous asked: Part 4 -- And because he's a genuinely awesome guy with a lot of wonderful qualities. I'm sorta afraid that he'll see my change of heart towards him as though I have bad intentions, or I want to pursue a romantic relationship with him like a typical teenage girl. I'm in too deep and I don't know what to do. I would love for us to laugh about all this fuss and be good friends, but the whole situation is intimidating, and this'll be the first time I'm initiating a friendship. Sorry for the length!

Don’t worry about the length you’re good! You’re over-thinking minor details. You don’t know each other so you don’t exactly know what he thinks of you. Stop trying to get into his head and just let things flow. Be yourself. Calm down and treat him like you would any other person. Smile here and there. Say hi every now and then. When you feel confident enough, walk up to him and talk. Talk normally. It’s important that no matter what you do (not just in this situation but every situation) you’re confident. You have to be sure of yourself and comfortable with yourself. You can’t over-think what you say and do and you can’t rehearse your every move. You need to trust that you’ll be able to present to others (including him) the real you. Trust that the real you is valuable and worth showing. When you’re confident you will be able to take over and be comfortable in any situation. All you can do is be you and in the end if it isn’t for him that’s okay. You dust yourself off and move on. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: Part 3 -- And he passed by me very closely. Also in class last year, the two of us sat on opposite ends of the room facing each other, and we had extended eye contact for 4 to 5 seconds. My feelings for him back then weren't as much as they are now, so I disregarded it as nothing. I used to want to be in a romantic relationship with him, but I gave up on that because high school romances crash and burn eventually. Now I wanna be friends with him because it's a solid basis for anything later on.