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Anonymous asked: Hey Baby! I'm a 15 year old girl, and I wanted to say thank-you. I admire you so much, I think everything you say is so empowering and you've helped me through so much, I check your blog everyday and you keep me strong& bossy. Your a lifesaver to me, and your advice& tips is honestly ALL that has helped me! Your my inspiration, you really deserve the best. Please don't EVER change! I love you so much!!!! ❤️👑

Hi munckin! I’m so glad I could help you because that’s exactly what these blogs are for. Thank you sooo much for your love and support. And for making my day! :) I love you too boo. Stay strong ❤ xoxo

Anonymous asked: What should I do about my boyfriend looking at other girls when we're out? I can't work out if he does it to everyone or just some. I don't know what to say... X

Tell him it makes you uncomfortable! No matter how “silly” certain issues may sound, you have to talk to him about them. Always communicate no matter how big or small the issue is. It’s important for you both to know how the other person feels and what lines not to cross. It strengthens your relationship. Good luck xoxo

Anonymous asked: 1.You guys had a picture up with a heart that said "love yourself " with a cheetah print background. Can you pleaseeer repost?I want it as my lockscreen..

Here you go:

Stay bossy xoxo

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Anonymous asked: Do you believe that the truth always comes out in the end?

Always does. Best wishes xoxo

dopepussyy asked: Part13 I forgot to say that although he acted like an asshole I still miss hanging out with him and I still feel like it's my fault that we got in a fight. Cuz he made me feel so special, but then in a week he made feel like shit 😩😒

Oh my goodness I’m so sorry this is happening to you baby! Please stop blaming yourself for his actions. Showing emotion is not weakness. He is an absolute piece of shit who is dangerously manipulative. His actions are borderline if not already emotionally abusive. Besides outwardly degrading and disrespecting you, he’s playing disgusting mind games. He’s sick. Don’t feel ashamed for feeling what you feel towards him. It’s okay and none of this is your fault. But please for your own good DO NOT act on those feelings. Cut him off immediately. Delete/block him on everything. Block his number too. Cut off all contact with him. Pigs like that will try to break you down to nothing and will get in your head and have you believing the shit they spew. They’ll have you blaming yourself for the shit they do.

Remember that no matter what he (or anyone else) says or thinks about you, you are worthy of love and respect. You do not have to seek that out from men. If you depend on them or anyone to make you whole, you will ALWAYS be left feeling empty. You don’t need anyone to make you feel special to know that you are. Work on KNOWING without a doubt that you are special without needing validation from anyone and not one of these snakes out here will be able to tell you otherwise. Build yourself up. Love, strengthen, and nurture yourself. Because none of the things you want for yourself can be given to you by anyone else but yourself. You don’t need him to be happy baby girl. The faster you detach yourself from him, the faster you’ll be happier. Work on developing a loving relationship with yourself. Not only will it benefit your self esteem, it’ll help you develop healthier and more rewarding relationships with others. CUT HIM OFF! Him and anyone else that doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Good luck & take care xoxo

dopepussyy asked: Part 11 sorry for making it so long. I always come to u if idk what to do!


dopepussyy asked: Part 10 get to my heart. Cuz I'm a boss ass bitch and I showed this weakness and he keeps playing me! Like what do I do? Because his texts either make my day or totally kill my vibe.


dopepussyy asked: Part9 that's when I thought this is enough, and I stopped talking to him even tho I still miss him but I know I need to cut him off and yesterday he texted me saying "slut" and that's it. Like wtf do I do? I'm really mad at myself to let him get to


dopepussyy asked: Part8 sex and it felt so right but when I came home he texted me " oh btw the condom broke but that's none of my business, u gon be a great mom, lol" I freaked out of course I didn't know what to do and then in an hour he said "lol I was jk"


dopepussyy asked: Part7 I was so mad I let him play me and we got in a fight but he never admitted that he just likes me for my body he kept saying "u lied to me that changed everything" so we decided to stop fighting and I really missed him so I came over and we had


dopepussyy asked: Part 6 everything changed, seemed like he just wanted me for my body and that's when his friend texted me and showed me their texts. And in those texts he was like " hell no she's not my gf I'm just attached to that body" and I was so heartbroken.


dopepussyy asked: Part 5 He was like " u lied to me u lied to me" and I regretted it so much like I said sorry so many times I cried cuz I didn't wanna lose him. and I thought I made it obvious that I really like him and I wanna be with him. But from that moment


dopepussyy asked: Part 4 But one day he asked me about what did I do with his friend (before I met him) and I told him we smoked but I didn't tell him we hooked up cuz I didn't want drama and I didn't think it was so important.


dopepussyy asked: Part 2. Also, I'm hard to get and not to sound cocky but I know how to make guys crazy over me. About a month ago I met this guy and I we started hanging out and he seemed like the coolest guy in the world, and he was the first one to initiate a